Jane Edwards

Jane Edwards originally studied ceramics at University of Wales Institute Cardiff. After discovering fused glass she became excited by its possibilities and dynamic colours and now works as a glass artist with her sister Katharine. They share a studio on a farm in Hertfordshire.

Jane’s work is inspired by the combination of vibrant colour and light within the landscape and memories of particular details observed in nature. Initial stimulus for her work can be imprints on the land, patterns of tree branches, rivulets of rain washing down a tarmac road and the sculptural forms of seed heads. The hirsute ivy lianas encasing beech trees, tree growths and scarification marks evoke doorways into inner worlds. A book that has recently had an effect on her work is ‘The Secret Life of Trees’ by Colin Tudge that encapsulates the magnificence of trees and their evolution and effect within the eco-system.

As a Reiki practitioner she sees a parallel between the effect of light and patterns upon the land and esoteric ideas of bringing down light and energy for healing and regeneration.

Jane takes macro-photographs of her environment and then makes collages from them and further develops these tactile and colourful memories of the natural world into her glasswork.

Among the artists she admires are Francis Bacon for his colour sense, Tapies for his wall paintings and spiritual ideas. She is intrigued by Klimt’s intense forest landscapes. Jane’s work has been widely exhibited and is in private collections in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the USA

Jane's CV

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